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The Music

The sunrise, often whispered as a slow and gentle awakening, tiptoes into existence as we rouse from our slumber. But truth be told, it is neither sluggish nor furtive. It bursts forth with vibrant joy, even on those gray mornings when the sun hides coyly behind a veil of clouds.

The Sun, steadfast and unwavering, remains ever-present. It was us who wandered away, seeking other horizons. And only upon our return do we rediscover its magic—a daily blessing, repeated anew each morning.

The Sunrise, oh, the wonder of it! It greets us like a long-lost lover, tenderly brushing our skin with golden hues. In solitude, I often stand witness to this celestial ballet, as the world stirs and the day unfurls.

The music of dawn maintains its rhythm—a symphony woven into our very existence. We waltz around it, our steps mirroring the ebb and flow of its beauty. Strings and piano, classical and timeless, entwine with layers of clean, warm electric guitars. And there, in that harmonious blend, the Sunrise awakens, casting its spell upon the waking world.

'Alone' is featured on Spotify's editorial playlist, 'Instrumental Reading.'

The difference between solitude as 'suffering' and solitude as 'rejuvenation' is the quality of self-reflection that one can generate whilst in it...whilst being alone but not lonely.

Being alone enables the world to be silenced and your inner most thoughts to be heard.


The distractions of outside influences, the busyness of life, the chaotic and random changes of course become more prominent when we allow ourselves to enjoy being Alone, to enjoy solitude. The relationship between our rejuvenation and our suffering is both as complex and simple as beauty that can be painful.

I often waltz into my Solitude with a hopeful optimism, enjoying the early moments of peace, only to find my own thoughts invade this peaceful relationship, bringing discord and chaos. My peaceful waltz is always there, always present, even when multiple threads of distraction come to the surface to dominate and violate the peace of solitude. My Waltz continues in the background, always there ready and waiting to be allowed back, allowed to come and dance with me again. I find that I ebb and flow like this through my solitude.

This is what I have composed in my new piece of music, called Alone. I am dancing with the peaceful solitude, enjoying its rejuvenation….It is definitely my Waltz, with a gentle melodic start, dancing with an airiness and lightness. But then the chaos moves in, dominating the melody but working alongside it to dominate and control. The waltz is always there, it is just overshadowed by the darkness. You have to work hard to hear it and feel it, but it is there.

Using my favourite instruments of piano, guitars and strings, Alone is a tapestry of interconnected melodies that dance together with both simplicity and complex minimalism that reflects the beauty and hardship of being Alone.

In the heart of the whispering woods, a melody stirs—the Approach of the Barefoot Princess.


This enchanting composition captures the essence of the forest’s mystical charm, as the princess, adorned in the simplicity of her love, steps lightly across the mossy floor.


With each barefoot step, the anticipation builds; her heart flutters like the wings of a butterfly in spring. As she nears the altar, her eyes find her prince, standing regal and expectant.


The music swells, a crescendo of emotion that mirrors her joyous heart. It is a dance of love and destiny, woven into the very notes that fill the air.


The princess is radiant, her soul alight with love, as she steps into the embrace of her future, her prince, her forever after.

Originally written as the marriage song for my daughter.


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