New Single Released on 9th April

In July 2019, I was priviledged to be asked by my daughter Sophy to compose the music for her wedding.

After much searching, she could not find a suitable piece of music that captured her heart to walk down the aisle to. She wanted something that reflected who she was, her heart, her passions. She wanted Sohpy's Song......I give you.....

The Barefoot Princess

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Indie-Classical Composer

Join me on my musical journey of discovery and creative exploration. Browse my latest projects, get insights into my composers mind and discover more about my practical and theoretical approach
as I compose emotion through the medium of music.



Hello and welcome.

I am a contemporary composer and music producer based in Maidstone, Kent, Nr London. I passionately believe that music is the simple communication of intense emotion. 


Being emotionally adorned, my music uses simple arrangements overlaid with deep, rich and complex characteristics that combine the beautiful, natural resonance of individual sounds with contemporary song structures and modern instrumentation, falling into the body of work of Indie-Classical/Neo Classical.

Music has the power to create intense relationships. If you would like to journey with me then please join the Community Pages where you’ll be able to give feedback on song ideas I am developing before they are released. Alternatively, click here to sign up to my newsletter or come and find me on social media.

I also compose high quality, bespoke, emotional music for use in media such as films, corporate video and podcasts. More details can be found at

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