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Neo-Classical Composer

'Sunrise' is available on all Streaming Services 

The sunrise is often considered slow and gentle, the morning stealthily coming to life as we wake from our slumber to another day.


But the truth is it is neither slow nor stealthy. It is vibrant and joyful, even on grey days where the Sun is masked by clouds. The Sun is always there.....


It was us that left. 

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Michael Coltham Neo Classical Composer
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Apple Music Michael Coltham

'Alone' is featured on Spotify's Editorial Playlist 

Michael Coltham Neo Classical Composer

'Alone' is now available on all streaming platforms 

The difference between solitude as suffering and solitude as rejuvenation is the quality of self-reflection that one can generate whilst in it….whilst being alone, but not lonely.

Being alone enables the world to be silenced and your inner most thoughts to be heard. The distractions of outside influences, the busyness of life, the chaotic and random changes of course become more prominent when we allow ourselves to enjoy being Alone, to enjoy solitude.


I often waltz into my Solitude with a hopeful optimism, enjoying the early moments of peace, only to find my own thoughts invade this peaceful relationship, bringing discord and chaos. My peaceful waltz is always there, always present, even when multiple threads of distraction come to the surface to dominate and violate the peace of solitude.


This is what I have recreated in my new piece of music, called Alone

The Barefoot Princess

In July 2019, I was privileged to be asked by my daughter Sophy to compose the music for her wedding.

After much searching, she could not find a suitable piece of music that captured her heart to walk down the aisle to. She wanted something that reflected who she was, her heart, her passions. She wanted Sohpy's Song......I give you.....

The Barefoot Princess

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About Me


Hello and welcome.

I am a contemporary composer and music producer based in Maidstone, Kent, Nr London. I passionately believe that music is the simple communication of intense emotion. 

Music composition is a journey into emotion, often with an undefined end, with each instrument evoking many complex feelings. It has the power to create intense moments in our life.

Being emotionally adorned, my music uses simple arrangements overlaid with deep, rich and complex characteristics that combine the beautiful, natural resonance of individual sounds with contemporary song structures and modern instrumentation, falling into the body of work of Neo- Classical/ Contemporary Modern Classical

I started music at the age of 4, learning to play guitar with my father. I progressed to classical guitar early, developing a love for the expression in music. Since then my journey has involved most genres of music but I now find that my true musical love is the expression of gentleness, kindness and grace.  

Michael Coltham Neo Classical Composer

Combining the expression of piano, strings, and orchestra with the simple beauty of guitars, layered with electronic instruments, I have found a unique music voice.

Music has the power to create intense here to journey with me or come and find me on social media.

I also compose high quality, bespoke, emotional music for use in media such as films, corporate video and podcasts. More details can be found at

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