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the Adventure

of simply emotive music

Music has the power to redefine boundaries, to being communities together, to create powerful relationships.


Music is intensely personal yet completely universal. It takes us on an emotional journey with an undefined end, with each instrument evoking complex feelings and creating intense moments in our life. 


 Lets journey together.

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Music that is ideal for listening to whilst reading

'Alone' is featured on Spotify's editorial playlist, 'Instrumental Reading.'


I am a contemporary composer and musician based in Maidstone, Kent, Nr London.

I passionately believe that music is the simple communication of intense emotion. 

Inspired by nature, I combine the natural expression of piano, strings, and orchestra with the simple beauty of guitars, layered with organic electronic textures. 

Being emotionally adorned, my music uses simple arrangements overlaid with deep, rich and complex characteristics that combine the beautiful, natural resonance of individual sounds with contemporary song structures and modern instrumentation, falling into the body of work of Neo- Classical/Contemporary Modern Classical.

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