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Sunrise - New Music released on 4th March

The sunrise is often considered slow and gentle, the morning stealthily coming to life as we wake from our slumber to another day. But the truth is it is neither slow nor stealthy. It is vibrant and joyful, even on grey days where the Sun is masked by clouds. The Sun is always there, consistently radiating its joy. Its vibrant and joyful presence is always there. We have the joy of Sunrise because it was us that left. We moved away from it.

And it is only when we return that we get to experience it again…and again…and again…a repeated blessing experienced every morning. Such is the wonder of the Sunrise that when we return, we experience it anew and fresh, gently caressing our skin like a long lost lover.

I often spend the sunrise in solitude.

This is the next single from my forthcoming Album, Solitude, which explores how we are often alone, but not lonely.

The consistency of the Sunrise is maintained throughout the music, whilst the we waltz around it…ebbing and flowing with the beauty of Sunrise, intertwined in a relationship that is as old as time itself.

Using classical instrumentation of Strings and Piano, intertwined with multiple layers of clean and warm electric guitars, the Sunrise comes to life.

Sunrise is available on all streaming platforms from 4th March 2022

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