Say NO to Success

Success is defined as:

"The accomplishment of an aim or purpose or the good or bad outcome of an undertaking."

Success can be all consuming. We strive for it. We work at it. We commit to achieving it. We want to be a success. When we are a success, we congratulate ourselves, our self-esteem is high and life is good.

And when we don’t succeed, we have failed…..we are a failure. We are worse than we thought. Worse than we hoped and worse than our own press machine told us (and the rest of the world) we were.

Failure is tough. I have failed on too many occasions to remember, in both my personal and professional life. But, as life has progressed, I now recognise that "being a success" isn't my goal. I also know that success and failure are both static, temporary positions that can permanently define us. Importantly, failure is defined by my definition of success.

Consequently, my goal isn't to be a success.

My goal is to PERSEVERE. To keep going. To turn up every day. To continue in the face of difficulty… every part of life.....because PERSEVERING is a continuing positive state that is always moving forward in hope and expectation.

When composing my album PER|SE:VERE, my goal wasn't for it (or me) to be a "success." My goal was to turn up every day, to compose something (even if it was rubbish), to take 1 step forward, to keep moving, to continue in the face of difficulty. For it was in PERSEVERING that this album was written.

And when you PERSEVERE, you might just succeed.

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