Persevere.... Persevering.... Persevered.

We have all done it. We are all doing it, and we will do it again.……knowingly, intentionally or without conscious thought.

It is one of the basic traits of humanity…..our ability to keep going, to push through, to continue in the face of difficulty.

On reflection, I have persevered all of my life….sometimes with success, but sometimes with resounding failure.

Sometimes I have had the determination to continue, exceeding even my own expectation of how resilient I am.

But there have been occasions where I have just given up…. Sometimes, no amount of motivational memes provides enough inspiration to continue in the face of difficulty.

It is this delicate balance of continuing or stopping, of trying or ending that inspired my album PER|SE:VERE.

Persevering is a lonely place to be. But, in my experience, it is in the lonely place of persevering that it does its best work. It shapes character, strengthens and builds resilience. Success is not the end of a journey….success is continuing in the face of difficulty.

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